Payroll fees


We have designed our payroll fees to be fixed and transparent meaning you will only pay for the amount of employees you have on the payroll.

There are a number of options depending on the type of payroll you wish to run. Our fees are as follows.


Payroll for employees

We charge £3 +vat per payslip with a minimum monthly fee of £12 +vat. For example if you have 10 employees paid monthly our fee would be £30 +vat per month. If you have 2 employees paid weekly then this would be £26 +vat per month (2 payslips per week at £3 per payslip).


Director’s payroll

Director’s payroll applies to limited companies only where the directors are the only staff members being paid. We charge £5 +vat per month for up to 2 directors where the salary is below the NI threshold. If the payments have NI and/or tax deductions then our fee would be £12 +vat per month. Please see this guide on director’s payroll for more information.


Additional Services...


As an employer you may have to auto enrol your staff into a pension scheme by law. For a full breakdown of your potential obligations please read this article

Most of our clients have chosen NEST as the pension provider. On the basis you have also chosen NEST our fees are as follows:

Setup fee: £200 +vat. This is a one off charge which includes the following:

  • Setup a NEST pension scheme for your business
  • Submission of your declaration of compliance
  • Enrol all eligible employees into the scheme
  • Produce compulsory correspondence for all of your employees

Monthly administration: £30 +vat per month for up to 2 enrolled employees. Each additional enrolled employee is £5 +vat per month

If you do not have any ‘eligible jobholders’ but you have ‘entitled workers’ on your payroll then you will likely only be required to complete a declaration of compliance and issue compulsory correspondence to your employees. We can complete this work for a one off fee of £70 +vat.

Please note - if you have selected an alternative pension provider then please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.


If you have any further questions regarding your payroll simply phone 020 3355 4047 and of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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