This the standard process we use to complete accounts and returns for all our clients:

1. You complete your bookkeeping up to the financial year end (or tax period)

2. You send us your bookkeeping records (or grant us access via cloud accounting software)

3. We thoroughly check your records for any potential errors

4. We use these records as a basis to compile your annual accounts and tax return

5. Once completed we send you a copy of your accounts and tax return for your approval

6. You are then required to check these accounts and approve them for submission

7. Once approved we will make the submissions to Companies House and HMRC on your behalf

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Information we require from you

Bank and credit card account balances

Your bank and credit card account balances at the financial period end date. If you are not using accounting software and/or have not reconciled your bank accounts in your records then we would require the full statements for the financial period in CSV format. This also applies to other types of accounts such as PayPal, Amazon, Stripe etc.

Stock value

If you keep a material amount of stock on hand we would need the value of this on the date of the financial period end.

Bookkeeping records

  • If you’re using Pandle confirmation that your records are up to date.

  • If you’re using another system login & password details to enable us to access
    your records.

  • Copies of your spreadsheets if you use Excel.

  • Details of any cash income or expenditure in the year which is not included in
    your bookkeeping system.

Payroll records

Unless we complete payroll for you we would need your full payroll records.

Hire purchase/loan agreements

We will need copies of any hire purchase/loan agreements for arrangements made during the accounting period.

Assets purchased

Details of any assets purchased during the period together with copies of the purchase invoices.

Asset disposals

Details of any assets disposals during the period.

Items purchased personally

Details of any items purchased from your personal funds and not recorded anywhere else.


A record of your mileage if you are claiming mileage for your vehicle use.

What are the deadlines and penalties for late submissions?

Your accounts to Companies House are due no later than 9 months after your financial year end. Failure to submit the accounts on time will result in a £150 penalty which will continue to increase until they have been filed. For more information, please click here.

Your accounts and corporation tax return are due to HMRC no later than 12 months after your financial year end. Failure to submit your tax return on time will result in a £100 penalty which will continue to increase over time. For more information, please see here.

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