Your Income Tax is due no later than 31st January following the tax year end. If your tax bill is over £1,000 then you must make payments on account.

This means that HMRC will collect your tax plus the current year’s tax in two payments; one payment before 31st January and the second before 31st July.

You can pay your tax bill using the following methods:

  • Faster payment (bank transfer direct to to HMRC)

  • Direct debit

  • Billpay (pay online with debit/credit card)

  • Budget payment plan (must be up to date with HMRC)

  • Bank giro

  • Post office

  • Post (send a cheque to HMRC)

However HMRC highly recommends that you pay electronically. For further information about paying HMRC please call the payment helpline on 0300 200 3601.

What are the deadlines and penalties for late submissions?

One day

The tax return deadline is 31st January following the tax year end. For late submission, HMRC will charge a £100 penalty which will increase the later the return is submitted.

Three months

If the return is submitted more than 3 months late, then daily penalties of £10 per day will be incurred for up to 3 months.

Six months

After 6 months, an additional £300 penalty or 5% of the tax due will become payable and the same again after 12 months overdue.

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