Employment(s) (all employments in the year)

Salary and tax paid

  • P60 or P45 showing gross salary, tax deducted and student loan deductions

Benefits and expenses

  • Employer’s P11D showing all taxable and other benefits

Pension Income


  • P60 or Certificate of Pension paid

State pension

  • Pension received and notification letter

Other taxable benefits

  • Amounts received including taxable lump sums

Self Employment/Partnership

Business profits/losses

  • Business records if not already provided

  • Partnership interest income and tax deducted

  • Other partnership income

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Investment Income (include your share of income from joint accounts)

Interest from banks and building societies

  • Certificates of interest received and tax deducted

Dividends from UK companies/unit trusts including shares/units in lieu of dividends

  • Dividend/distribution vouchers showing dividend received, date and tax credit

Income from trusts, settlements, Deeds of Covenant and estates

  • R185 or certificates of income and tax deducted

National Savings interest received gross

  • Statements of interest received

Interest from banks or building societies, received gross

  • Statements of interest received

Income from property

  • All income and expenditure, including mortgage interest statements

Overseas income – dividends and other income

  • Dividend vouchers and documentary evidence of other income

Other Income

Monies withdrawn from life assurance policies/bonds

  • Chargeable Event Certificate from life assurance company


Employment expenses

  • A list of tax deductible expenses e.g. professional subscriptions, travelling expenses

Pension contributions paid by you

  • Payments made (dates, amounts, policy details) and copy documentation

Qualifying loans and mortgages

  • Lender’s statements showing interest paid and tax relief given

Gift Aid or Deed of Covenant payments

  • Gift Aid payments (charity, date and amount) and covenant details

Student Loan repayments

  • Payments made (amounts and dates) and copy statement showing balance at 5th April

Other payments qualifying for tax relief

  • Payee, amount, date of payment and reason/description

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Capital Transactions (please provide any relevant documentation)

  • Disposal of only or main residence if partly used for business or over half hectare of ground

  • Disposals where gains exceed £11,000

  • Capital losses to be claimed

  • Shares/securities bought, sold or take-overs (company name, dates and amounts)

  • Share options

  • Property acquisitions and disposals

  • Other chargeable disposals, e.g. personal property/effects worth over £11,000

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